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Upgrade Your Indoor Bike Setup With This Pool Noodle Hack
Indoor cycling can feel boring when compared to the experience of road riding. While some cyclists add a rocker plate to their bike trainer, a pool noodle may work just as well.
A rocker plate mimics the natural environment of a bike on a road but can be pricey. Sliding pool noodles onto your trainer’s base can provide some lateral movement as you ride.
This method is effective for trainers with cylindrical legs but may not work well for ones with broader, more solid bases.
Cut pool noodles to the desired size, slice lengthwise, and slip them over the legs. Secure them with zip ties to keep them from coming off, or cut the pool noodles longer.
Pool noodles may not provide as much lateral movement as a rocker plate, but they’re cheap and can last for months or even years, according to riders.