Wall light fixture hanging above an area for wall art
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Use Restoration Hardware's Lighting Hack To Make Your Wall Art Glow
Restoration Hardware sells expensive wall art lights with pricey installation fees, but Rue of @decorsnippets on TikTok has a hack that cheaply recreates their stylish viral looks.
The light fixtures Rue found on Amazon have the sleek and modern look of Restoration Hardware’s lights, they come in three finishes, and they don't need any costly in-wall wiring.
The LED light of the fixture is battery-powered and comes with a remote to turn the fixture on and off. The light can also hang on the wall with nails or Command Strips.
Battery-powered LED puck lights are also a cheaper and elegant alternative to Restoration Hardware wall art lights, as they don’t require removing drywall or wiring
in fixtures.
Puck lights can work with wall lights that have shades and there are some that screw into a light socket to keep it secure while remaining battery-powered and remote-controlled.