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Use These Dollar Tree Items To Create Hidden Toilet Paper Storage
Instead of keeping a single toilet paper roll within sight to avoid clutter or accidental spoilage, DIY a hidden storage unit for your bathroom using a few cheap Dollar Tree items.
This hack from YouTuber Nya's Vision required three wooden boards for the unit's sides and several square wooden frames. The number depends on the shelves desired and their height.
For the boards, opt for wooden wall decor designs with themed prints, like what Nya's Vision used, or choose wood plank hangers in plain colors to avoid repainting or staining.
If you want a taller storage, 48-inch-long porch leaners could be ideal. There are lots of variations in sizes and styles, so choose one that fits your requirements.
As for the shelves, go for square wooden frames for easy assembly. You can get flat ones or wood boxes available in sets of three for $1.25 per set.
To DIY your storage unit, strip away any extra design elements from the wooden pieces. Then, take a square frame and attach the three wood planks to the back and sides with glue.
If you're using wooden boxes with a border, place one on top, with the flat part facing downwards, creating a recessed area for small items, like air fresheners.
Next, attach another wood frame at the bottom to serve as the base. If you plan on staining or painting your unit, it's best to do this before adding the shelves.
Customize your storage solution as needed by adding more shelves or telescoping rods, then attach it to the wall or add weight to its base so the lightweight unit doesn't tip over.