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Use These Low-Cost Items To DIY Cute Lawn Mushrooms For Your Yard
TikTok user @sillylittleplants has introduced a delightful and budget-friendly project to add a touch of whimsy to outdoor spaces: creating adorable DIY lawn mushrooms.
For this project, you'll need some red bowls and beige tumbler cups, along with a few other affordable materials such as white paint, paintbrushes, E6000 glue, and enamel spray.
Start by sanding the bottoms of the cups and the insides of the bowls. Then, glue the bottom of each cup to the center of each bowl, and allow them to set for
24 hours.
Next, paint white circles in various sizes on the bowls, applying several layers to achieve opacity. Finish off with a coat of enamel spray for durability and a semi-glossy finish.
Strategically place these charming lawn mushrooms around your yard, such as along pathways or near shrubs and flower beds, to add a splash of color and charm to your outdoor areas.