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Use These Plants To Send Fruit Flies Buzzing Away From Your Home
Lavender is an herb with linalool, which fruit flies hate. Place the plant on a kitchen window sill, preferably south-facing, where its fragrance can help deter the pests.
Peppermint’s strong aroma can also help repel fruit flies; however, it is best potted alone on a window sill as the plant can quickly become invasive.
You can grow a smaller ornamental eucalyptus tree near a window or periodically trim eucalyptus branches and place them in a vase to use its scent against fruit flies.
There are over fifty species of lemongrass and fruit flies can’t stand any of them. You can either grow the tropical lemongrass plant from seed or purchase a stalk.
While basil is easy to grow and its leaves are a delicious addition to many dishes, the popular herb’s warm and earthy scent can also help keep fruit flies away.