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Use These Two Ingredients To Give Your Water Bottle A Good Cleaning
If you’re a fan of reusable water bottles, you’ll be relieved to know that all it takes to keep these convenient, eco-friendly items sparkling clean is vinegar and salt.
Coarse salt acts as a mild abrasive while vinegar is known for its disinfecting and deodorizing properties, making them a perfect combination for this task.
To clean, fill your bottle up with a few inches of coarse salt and add ½ cup of white vinegar to it before closing and shaking vigorously. Wash with soap water and rinse to finish.
Alternatively, you can fill your bottle with a 1:1 mix of vinegar and water, shake, and leave overnight. Replace it with ¼ cup of coarse salt and warm water the following day.
Shake the mixture vigorously before rinsing. Harsh chemical cleaners can leave harmful residues behind, but salt and vinegar are safe, even if some traces remain unwashed.