Eastern boxelder bug (Boisea trivittata) on a white background
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Use These Two Spices To Keep Boxelder Bugs Out Of The House
Boxelder bugs won’t damage your home or garden or spread worrisome diseases, but they are still annoying to have in your home. Keep them at bay by using cinnamon and cloves.
For best results, infuse your home with cinnamon and cloves before the bugs start trying to get in. Use this all-natural, preventative measure in late summer and early fall.
One way to do this is to sprinkle the spices on entry points outside, including by trees, near your front stairs, or on window ledges. Spray with water to keep them in place.
You can also leave a bowl of fresh, pungent cinnamon and cloves inside where bugs might sneak in, such as cracks near window ledges, holes in a window screen, or by an open door.
Alternatively, consider making a spray using cinnamon and clove essential oils mixed with water. Spray down vertical surfaces, such as doors and walls, and watch the pests flee.