One tick is clamped with tweezers isolated on a white background.
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Use This Cleaning Staple To Ban Ticks For Good
According to PBS NewsHour, ticks can carry and transmit various diseases as they feed on a wide range of animals. Fortunately, rubbing alcohol can effectively eliminate them.
If you discover a tick on yourself or your pet, begin by cautiously removing it with tweezers if it’s attached, or with a paper towel if it hasn’t bitten yet.
Next, drop the tick in a container with a bit of rubbing alcohol. You can use a cup, jar, plastic container, or plastic bag, but make sure the receptacle is tightly sealed.
Leave the tick in the liquid until you’re certain it’s dead. It is important to note that rubbing alcohol should not be used to force a tick to detach.
Rubbing alcohol also does not act as a repellent for ticks, prevent their bites, or deter them from your property. This method is solely effective after the tick has been removed.