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Use This Easy Shoe DIY To Shovel Snow Without A Shovel
Snow shovel shoes allow you to clear snow effortlessly as you walk. To make your own, gather old shoes, PVC pipe, heavy-duty glue, sandpaper, a Dremel, a drill, and a saw.
Start by cutting the PVC pipe about 4 to 6 inches wide. Then, cut the pipe in half, sand down the rough edges, and drill a hole in the PVC where the toe of your shoe will be.
To achieve a better fit, trace your shoe's toe onto the center point of the PVC blade. Do this by measuring the toe of your shoe and fine-tuning with your Dremel.
Next, apply glue generously to both the shoes and blades, allowing for a strong and durable bond. Make sure the blade’s curve is facing outwards as well.
You can also enhance the durability by applying a waterproofing spray to protect against snowy conditions. Once everything has dried, your snow shovel shoes are ready for action.