Organized pantry shelves
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Use This Genius Newspaper Hack To Easily Organize Your Pantry
Custom-built or not, every pantry has shelves with varying widths and depths, making it hard to find pantry-organizing items that are just the right size for your pantry.
However, with newspaper, tape, scissors, a marker, and tape measure, you can find bins and jars that perfectly fit your pantry. To do so, start by unloading the pantry shelves.
Use two or three sheets of newspaper to cover an entire pantry shelf and mark the exact edge of the shelf. Next, tape your newspaper sheets together and cut along the marked lines.
Lastly, note the height of the shelf with a tape measure so you don't buy storage containers that are too tall. You can use grid paper if you don't have a newspaper handy.
Once you’ve made a paper template of your shelf’s dimensions, set it on the ground at the store you’re shopping at, and put the containers next to each other to ensure they'll fit.