Mold on window pane
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Use This Household Staple To Tackle Mildew Around The Home
Mildew is a form of mold, which can be a persistent issue in many homes, particularly in damp and humid environments. To tackle this issue, just reach for the ammonia.
According to PLOS Pathogens, mildew tends to thrive in acidic environments. Ammonia, being alkaline, thus creates an unfavorable environment for the growth and survival of mildew.
For this cleaning hack, adequate ventilation is essential, as the fumes can be strong. Be sure to dilute the ammonia with water in a well-ventilated area before application.
Consider using a sponge or cloth to ensure even distribution across affected surfaces. Also, allowing the solution to sit a bit before scrubbing can enhance its effectiveness.
Remember to never mix ammonia with bleach, as this can trigger the release of chloramine vapors and lethal chlorine gas, which can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation.