IKEA BILLY bookcase with books
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Use This IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack To Revolutionize Your Shoe Storage
If you're a shoe lover with heels, boots, and sandals spilling out of the closet in every direction, there's a perfect solution. You can set up one or more Ikea BILLY Bookcases.
According to TikTok user thetarahshow, these versatile bookshelves are ideal for storing items of all different sizes. The hack utilizes a bookcase as a spacious shoe rack.
Whether you plan to create a shoe-topia in your bedroom closet oasis or have it stand freely somewhere else, measure the available space, and that includes ceiling height.
Keep in mind that the shelves that come with BILLY are adjustable, and you can add shelving to accommodate more items. Add glass doors to elevate your experience even further.