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Use This Popular IKEA Piece To Keep Your
Craft Supplies Organized
While originally designed as a shoe cabinet, the IKEA Hemnes can be used in different ways around your home — one of which is repurposing it to organize kids' craft supplies.
As shown by TikTok’s @diywith_avery, the Hemnes features four compartments. It sells for $179.99 and comes in three colors: black-brown, dark gray, and white.
Each compartment measures 15 ¾ x 5 ⅛ inches and offers space for papers, crayons, paints, and other craft items. If necessary, you can even stack two or more units together.
If the square compartment layout of the standard Hemnes model doesn't meet your needs, the version with two compartments, measuring 28 ⅜ inches across, might be more suitable.
This variety costs $169.99 and offers larger individual spaces, which can be ideal for storing bigger items or for those who need more flexibility in their storage options.
The 39 ¾-inch height of the IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet is also ideally suited for young kids, as it puts their craft supplies and tools within easy reach, fostering independence.