A woman pulling sheets from a dryer
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Use TikTok's Folding Hack To Quickly Dry Your Fitted Sheets
By folding your fitted sheets into a perfect rectangle and then placing them in the dryer, your bed sheets will dry quickly and thoroughly. Here's how you can achieve this fold.
Slip your hands into both corners on the top-hand side. Take the corner on your right hand, flip it so it is inside out, and slip it into the corner pocket on your left hand.
Lay that top-half of the fitted sheet down and repeat the process on the bottom side to get two corners in your bed sheet.
Take one corner on your left hand and the other on your right, then flip the right over the left to get four stacked corners. Fold the sheet twice to get a perfect rectangle.
After you’ve folded your fitted bed sheets, dry the sheets as normal, and you should have perfectly dried, tangle-free bed linens.