Woman holding a pile of laundry.
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Use TikTok's IKEA KALLAX Shelf Hack To Organize Your Laundry
IKEA KALLAX’s shelf can function as an organizational workaround that can keep your laundry close by yet invisible, ensuring your home looks seamlessly neat.
KALLAX comes in black/brown, gray/wood, a regular and high-gloss white, and a faux oak look, so check what works for you. They’re also built in different configurations and sizes.
Since these shelving units are made from particleboard, fiberboard, acrylic paint, and plastic, they’re quite affordable. For instance, IKEA’s four-shelf cube is only $45.
Once you have your KALLAX unit, you’ll need storage boxes. IKEA has a page just for KALLAX inserts and accessories where you’ll be able to find perfectly sized boxes for the unit.
If you want to disguise their function even further, you can put plants, books, and art on top. Lastly, label each storage box for better organization.