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Use TikTok's Roman Clay Painting Hack To Upgrade Your Boring Walls
To beautify your walls without resorting to the usual patterns or blocks of color, you could try this "Roman clay walls" painting technique from TikTok creator
For this technique, you’ll need to mix matte finish paint and drywall compound in a roughly 2:1 ratio. Add the compound gradually until the mixture has a batter-like consistency.
Higher drywall-to-paint ratios will give you a more textured finish. To evoke the layered clay look, apply the mixture in crisscrossing strokes with a large spackle knife or brush.
Keep in mind that this technique requires some artistic talent: You need an eye for what will work in your space, and painting and spackling skills to execute your vision.
To avoid being left with walls that just look muddy or unfinished once the paint dries, be sure to test colors and textures in advance, and thoroughly practice your technique.
As is the case with all trends, your Roman walls could date very quickly. However, it's your home, and if you're willing to take the risk, you might end up with results you love.