outdated popcorn ceiling with light fixture
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Ways To Cover Up An Outdated Popcorn Ceiling Without Taking It Down
Instead of removing outdated popcorn ceilings, a simple, budget-friendly method is to cover your ceiling with drywall and then paint it for a more modern look.
Drywall is a better insulator and is fire- and sound-resistant. It can't be used on ceilings that aren't flat, is difficult to install, and is susceptible to water damage and mold.
Skim Coating
With this method, you'll have to sand down the popcorn texture, apply primer, and then use a putty knife to cover the ceiling with layers of plaster or joint compound.
While skim coating creates a smooth painting surface, it's time-consuming, and the room needs to be well-ventilated. Some older homes can't be dry-sanded due to the asbestos risk.
Cover your popcorn ceiling with track-and-clip or tongue-and-groove wooden planks. You can use natural or painted wood, depending on what suits your decor.
This method is more expensive, but you can save on labor by doing it yourself. It's relatively easy as the planks are light, but it takes longer to cut and fit the planks together.