Overhead composition of various wood floor samples.
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What Flooring Can Help Your Home Sell Faster, According To
An Expert
To a seller, having several flooring types throughout the home may seem like an innocent blunder, but for some potential buyers, it's offensive enough to make them pump the brakes.
In an exclusive House Blog interview, real estate agent Lindsey Schmidt said, "It's not unusual to have a mix of flooring type [...] but the type itself should be consistent."
A good example might be using the same tile in the kitchen and in the bathrooms or using the same carpet in all four bedrooms. Hardwoods should be the same shade in every room.
"Buyers are turned off when they see multiple shades of hardwood flooring, especially when it's on the same floor and you can see both shades at the same time," Schmidt added.
If you're willing to give your floors an overhaul before the sale, stick to one or two flooring materials to ensure a cohesive look that makes buyers feel eager to close the deal.