Queer Eye's Bobby Berk
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What Happens To The Furniture After Queer Eye Is Done Filming
From makeovers to renovations, the men of Netflix's reality series "Queer Eye" transform everyday heroes, who are presented with new merchandise at the end of each episode.
Whether it's a home, business, or other space, interior designer Bobby Berk's renovations often showcase an abundance of fresh furnishings that suit each homeowner's taste.
Berk's transformations are often done skillfully and swiftly. In an interview with Netflix Tudum, the designer revealed, "They get to keep everything."
With so many home renovation shows these days, many often use the furniture and decor only as staging, whereas "Queer Eye" may go beyond a homeowner's expectations.
Besides the furnishings, the renovations are completed with little to no price tag for the guest. Berk continues, "This is all financed by Netflix and our amazing partners."
However, the new furniture can be returned to the seller or redistributed if Berk's heroes decide to utilize their original items.