Close up of stainless refrigerator is making fresh clean ice cubes.
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What It Means When Your Freezer Is Making Gray Ice Cubes
Although gray ice cubes may seem alarming, they typically aren’t harmful. There are several reasons why your ice is discolored, one of them being the state of your ice maker.
If not cleaned at regular intervals, ice makers can accumulate dirt and debris which can become embedded within the ice formation process, resulting in grayish ice cubes.
However, if you make ice in a plastic tray using refrigerator water, the discoloration may be caused by the charcoal sediments in your water filter.
Water filters remove impurities and enhance water quality but can also cause discoloration. When changing your filter, run the water until the sediments have been washed out.
Another culprit could be the water itself. Minerals in water, particularly hard water, can affect the color of your ice cubes as these minerals tend to concentrate when they freeze.
Depending on the cause, you can prevent gray ice cubes in several ways. Start by regularly cleaning your ice maker using warm, soapy water and a soft brush.
You can also ensure your water filter gets changed every six months. If you believe the water itself is the issue, try using filtered water to make your cubes instead.