Fresh mint leaves.
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What Mint Can Do To Help Your Peonies Thrive
While peonies are hardy plants, they are not immune to damage caused by harmful insects. Luckily, planting mint around your peonies can help protect your perennials.
The strong aroma of mint is particularly effective in deterring destructive insects like aphids, which suck sap from the leaves, stems, and flowers of plants.
Additionally, the menthol in mint acts as a natural repellent and can keep other insects away. Mint is easy to grow and can also attract beneficial pollinators to your garden.
Pollinators like bees are naturally attracted to mint’s strong and sweet aroma. Using mint to bring more bees into your yard will help them pollinate your peonies as well.
It is important to note that mint can quickly overtake other plants, so make sure you keep your mint plants in containers before placing them near your peonies.