Stock photo showing close-up view of reseeded lawn rejuvenation after being sown with grass seed as part of Spring lawn maintenance. Oriental garden border with flowering azalea shrubs, Japanese maples and a Japanese stone lantern.
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What To Consider Before Using Liquid Aeration For Your Lawn
Liquid aeration can effectively break down thatch and other soil debris, enabling your lawn to breathe and absorb moisture and nutrients without creating a messy garden.
One of the major pros of liquid aeration is that you can avoid the physically demanding alternative methods like walking in aerator shoes or running heavy machines.
All you need is a solution containing ammonium lauryl sulfate or yucca. This method also eliminates the likelihood of your sprinklers or underground piping getting damaged.
However, this product typically takes 45 to 60 days to break down the soil and might struggle to penetrate layers thicker than ½ inch, especially in deeply compacted soils.
Additionally, liquid aeration may not be budget-friendly. Hiring a lawn care company can cost around $150 for 10,000 sq ft, while this DIY project can cost $1 for every 1000 sq ft.