Silverfish on the floor.
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What To Do If You Find Silverfish Lurking In Your Bed
While silverfish don’t bite or transmit diseases, they can create a mess by constantly shedding skin and destroying your clothes and insulation to wallpaper and upholstery.
Your bed might serve as an ideal haven for silverfish due to its warmth, moisture, and tranquil atmosphere, which these pests thrive in.
To eliminate these pesky creatures, it’s necessary to make your bedroom inhospitable for them. Begin by using a dehumidifier to counter excess moisture.
If you’re on a tight budget, a moisture absorber pack will work, too. Additionally, ensure your bedroom is free from damp fabrics and is adequately ventilated.
Given that silverfish are attracted to messy areas, regularly vacuuming dust, laundering bedding, and ensuring proper lighting in your bedroom will help deter them.
Lastly, using diluted lavender, peppermint, citrus, or cedarwood essential oils with water in a spray bottle and applying it to infested areas might also prove helpful.