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What To Know Before Using Rust-Oleum Countertop Paint
Replacing kitchen counters is a big undertaking that comes with a large bill. You can save money using Rust-Oleum’s countertop paint, but the reviews on its durability are divided.
Rust-Oleum’s Transformations Kit allows you to mimic the look of natural stone for under $200. 75% of Amazon reviews rated it positively, noting the initial coat looked amazing.
Two reviewers commented that the easy-to-apply paint held up well after four to five years, and they have used it on different surfaces with the same flawless results each time.
Others, however, had difficulty dispersing the paint chips and found that the countertops turned white when wet. User Mad Max warned that you need to be careful when cleaning.
Abrasive or harsh cleaning products risk removing the paint color, and the surface is easily scratched. As such, you’ll have to use chemical-free products to clean your counter.