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What You Should Know Before Buying An LG Fridge
A malfunctioning refrigerator unit is no joke, especially with rising grocery prices. This can quickly turn your dinners into a disaster, impacting both your food and finances.
Amid recent controversies involving LG and Kenmore, many customers are expressing frustration with brand-new LG refrigerators that don't work or cease functioning shortly after.
Ongoing issues with the linear compressor, a critical component prone to failure within a few years, have left many customers dissatisfied with the duration of their appliance.
Due to these issues, a 191-page lawsuit was filed against LG and Kenmore in late 2023 for faulty parts. However, there's a catch that customers should be aware of beforehand.
A mandatory arbitration notice, present on the appliance's box, inside the fridge, and in the manual, notifies unsatisfied customers to resolve any issues in private court cases.
"Instead of fixing the issue, LG decided to allocate those resources into an arbitration provision on a box," explained the most recent lawsuit's lead attorney, Azar Mouzari.
Despite LG's top ranking in the refrigerator market and its spokesperson emphasizing the "paramount" importance of satisfaction, customers should research before buying.