Hummingbird feeding from a pink and yellow flower
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Why Hummingbirds Avoid Your Yard After Rain (And What To Do About It)
If your hummingbird feeder is damaged or of poor quality, the sugary solution can collect a lot of rain after it rains and turn toxic to hummingbirds, making them avoid coming.
Another consequence of heavy rain is that the spilled nectar can get overrun by insects, which discourages birds from using it because their source of food has been compromised.
To prevent this, invest in a hummingbird feeder that is both weather-resistant and insect-proof, and keep up with forecasts so you can safely store the feeder until a storm passes.
The heavier your feeder is, the more resistant it will be to wind, however, it’s also best to place your feeder in a location where a strong breeze won’t find it.