Recessed lighting in a bedroom.
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Why Recessed Lighting Doesn't Belong In
The Bedroom
Many homeowners opt for recessed lighting to achieve a clean, modern look, but some interior designers aren’t fans especially when it’s installed
in the bedroom.
Designer Laura Hodges told Southern Living, “Recessed lights aren't very flattering and can make the ceiling feel busy, especially when you're staring up at it from your bed.”
In lieu, many designers opt for stylish lamps, sconces, or chandeliers rather than recessed lighting as a way to illuminate bedrooms in a less garish way.
“Ditch the overhead lighting and punctuate your bedroom with beautiful and functional lamps and sconces,” interior designer Annie Downing suggests.
Three-way lamps are also a good option, allowing you to brighten and dim the light as needed, and wall scones and dual pendant lamps are great for adding light to bedside areas.