Three rolls of toilet paper stacked pyramid-style
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Why Storing Extra Toilet Paper In Your Bathroom Could Be A Mistake
Storing your spare toilet paper in your bathroom seems like a logical thing to do, but not only does this clog up storage space, it also subjects the rolls to germs and moisture.
Your bathroom is constantly experiencing germs and bacteria. Although you clean it regularly, the fibers on your TP might hold onto these particles, building up unwanted detritus.
If your toilet paper resides anywhere near your toilet, then every time you flush, enteric bacteria are released and can find purchase onto your extra toilet paper rolls.
Instead of keeping extra rolls in the bathroom, store them in a laundry room or a linen closet to protect them from excess moisture, which can create mildew on the paper.
If you have the space, you can stow toilet paper in a plastic bin or tub that has a lid and latches shut to keep it fresh and protected from bacteria.