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Why The Purple Bell Vine Is The Pop Of Color Your Garden Needs
The perfect spring garden should catch your eye with all of its vibrant colors, making the purple bell vine a must-have for any and all flower lovers.
Native to Mexico, this perennial is grown elsewhere as an ornamental flower. A dark purple tube grows in the center of its crown of petals, giving the blossom a two-tiered look.
The purple bell vine is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plant, with a fast-growing vine that makes it great for fences, pergolas, trellises, walls, and hanging baskets.
This flower isn't susceptible to many diseases or pests. The colorful petals last all growing season, showcasing their purple crowns into autumn and often until the first frost.
Purple bell vines love the warm weather and are sensitive to the cold. The colorful vines grow up to 12 feet in one season, making them ideal for hanging baskets.
These flowers are started by seed and take 45 days to germinate. Start the seeds indoors and transplant the seedling once the last frost has passed.
Keep their soil moist but well-drained. The purple bell vine thrives in sunny areas offering six hours of direct light per day and protection from harsh afternoon heat.