Bee house in a garden.
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Why You Should Consider Putting A Bee House In Your Yard
Bee houses, also known as condos, huts, or hotels, offer shelter to native bees. Placing one in your yard can attract these bees, aiding in pollinating your plants.
The pollination of your edible and ornamental gardens supports food production, reduces carbon dioxide, prevents erosion, and purifies water, among other benefits.
You can either purchase a bee house or make one from wooden planks. Once prepared, place it where it can receive morning sunlight and patiently await the arrival of native bees.
These shelters particularly benefit solitary mother bees as they construct their own nests, lay eggs, and provide pollen and nectar for their larvae until they mature.
Solitary wasps, equally important as bees, might also utilize the bee house. Ensure a steady food supply for your resident pollinators to prevent them from abandoning the house.