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Why You Should Fill Your Flower Pots With Empty Soda Cans
A genius way to reuse soda cans is to incorporate them into your garden. Instead of filling an empty planter with rocks, sticks, or compost, create a base layer with crushed cans.
Planters need something to help water drain and prevent root rot. Using crushed cans instead of rocks can save you from buying rocks at
the store or scavenging
them from your yard.
Using crushed cans is also environmentally friendly while giving your container plants advantages, and you’ll prolong taking out the trash or dropping off recycling.
Another benefit of this hack is that it's perfect for filling large planters. Rocks can make big planters heavier and harder to move, but aluminum cans weigh practically nothing.
Put two layers of crushed cans in the bottom of your planter, then fill it with soil. To prevent soil from falling through, place landscaping cloth between the cans and your soil.