Three potted avocado plants
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Why You Should Give Your Indoor Avocado Tree A Little Shake
Avocado trees make beautiful houseplants and keep you well stocked with delicious avocados. However, indoor avocado trees need special requirements in order to grow fruit.
Like most flowering plants, avocado trees thrive when bees or the wind pollinate them. In order for your
indoor avocado trees to
fruit, you will need to mimic these conditions.
As for mimicking the wind, this can become more complicated because of the male and female parts in the plant’s flowers.
The male and female flowers open at different parts of the day, meaning just shaking
the tree isn’t so simple anymore. The ideal time to try this would be with
both flowers open.
Male and female flowers do not open simultaneously, but putting them in a place where the temperature fluctuates could slow down their metabolism and make them sync up.
You could also mimic a bee and spread pollen with the help of a cotton swab. Swabbing the male flower first, then the female flower, as a pollinator naturally does.