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Why You Should Hold Onto An Old Trampoline For Your Garden
When your kids have outgrown your backyard trampoline and it’s looking shabby, repurpose its metal frame into a fence to make a round garden bed as one clever TikTok user did.
One option is to remove the upper poles that hold the safety net, flip the trampoline base upside down, then enclose the space between its legs in wire mesh to keep out animals.
Another option is to keep the trampoline upright so the frame creates a circular top. Then, remove all other parts from the frame so the safety net poles can be used as a trellis.
In the first option, leave the mesh off between two of the legs for an entrance. In the second option, cut an entrance in the frame with a hacksaw, then add mesh around the frame.
You can also add a gate to close off the fence, wrap the safety net around the top of the fence, and put mesh over the enclosure to protect your plants from animals and birds.
To create a semicircular trellis, cut the frame in half and connect the arches with poles, then use some of the trampoline springs to make hooks for hanging plants.