Half an onion next to whole onions.
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Why You Should Leave A Few Slices Of Onion Around The House
As per Bug House Pest Control, onions repel bugs because they produce sulfur compounds that emit a strong and unpleasant odor, triggering the avoidance response in them.
According to the National Pesticide Information Center, sulfur can mess with an insect’s energy production. When ingested, it can impact their internal processes and lead to death.
Besides insects, rodents like rats and mice also detest the smell of sulfur and the onion’s aroma can irritate their eyes. Rats can also become anemic if they ingest onions.
Simply lay onion slices around your house, especially near the problematic areas, to create a protective barrier. Change them regularly to sustain their effectiveness.
You can also hang onions to deter mosquitos or other flying bugs. Simply cut them in half, insert a thread through each one, tie a knot, and hang them on the porch or the window.