Thyme blooming in the wild during summer
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Why You Should Plant Thyme In Your Garden If You Have An Ant Problem
There are several household items that can repel ants from your property, like vinegar, but for a green and fragrant option, try planting thyme to rid these pests from your garden.
Part of the mint family, thyme is easy to grow and disease-resistant, and the herb contains thymol, which can kill harmful fungi and bacteria, making it an effective antimicrobial.
Using thyme to discourage ants is a superior method of managing your garden compared to using over-the-counter pesticides, which can affect not only ants but helpful pollinators.
Thyme repels ants, but its flowers attract bees, moths, and butterflies — a win-win for your garden. Whether grown outdoors or kept indoors, it’s safe for children and pets.
Popular varieties of thyme to consider include common thyme, lemon thyme, caraway thyme, and French thyme. All varieties are edible, taste great, and naturally deter ants.