Ant infestation on light brown baseboard
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Why You Should Reach For A Broom Next Time You Clean Your Baseboards
Cleaning your baseboards isn't exactly fun, but it’s one of those chores that needs to be done. Fortunately, to help with this issue, you can create your own duster from a broom.
To make this tool, you’ll need a Swiffer sweeper or any kind of broom with a long handle, a rubber band or piece of string, and a rag or towel that you don't mind ruining.
Start by removing the bottom section of a broom or a Swiffer sweeper, leaving just the handle. Then, take the towel or rag and wrap it around the bottom of the broom handle.
Finally, secure the towel in place with the elastic or string. To use your baseboard cleaner, just hold the broom handle the same way you would a mop and dust away.
The soft towel can get into curves and small spaces, without damaging the surfaces. If the grit persists, just add some soap and water to the towel before getting back to work.