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Why You Shouldn't Use A Vacuum To Clean Around Your Vanity
Using a vacuum to clean around your vanity might seem like a quick fix for cosmetic spills and messes, but it carries the risk of ruining your machine and tarnishing your carpet.
Even if you don't see any visible liquid or powder cosmetic residue, there is still a chance that substances are present somewhere along your floor.
When you use a vacuum, its bristles can push the cosmetic remnants deeper into the carpet, and the heat can set the stain permanently, making subsequent removal challenging.
Many makeup products come in liquid form or have a consistency that can easily melt when exposed to heat. In addition, most vacuums aren't designed to handle wet messes.
Absorbing these liquid cosmetics can damage the machine's parts, particularly its motor. Even the vacuum bag can get damaged when trying to clean cosmetics, wet or dry.