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Why You Shouldn't Use TikTok's Copper Pipe Hack To Remove Pool Algae
According to a popular TikTok hack, placing a copper pipe inside a plastic bottle with holes and then dropping it into the pool skimmer can help eliminate algae from the pool.
Copper has algae-killing properties, and since many pool algaecides contain copper, this hack appears logical at first glance. However, this approach can lead to several issues.
Firstly, it can discolor the bottom of your pool. These stains are not only unattractive but also difficult to remove, often requiring the use of sulfamic acid
for descaling.
Moreover, this hack can impart a green tinge to hair and nails, a condition often mistakenly blamed on high chlorine levels, but actually results from excess copper in the water.
This copper pipe trick can also lower chlorine levels in your pool, thereby increasing the need for additional chlorine, which may lead to unnecessary wastage of the chemical.