American house spider crawling on yellow wall
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Why You're Finding Spiders In Your Room (And What To Do About It)
Spiders can be attracted to your bedroom for many reasons, including looking for dark spaces or food. Here are preventative steps you can take to keep them from your room.
Harboring bugs such as ants, flies, and cockroaches may be drawing them out. Prevent infestations by checking your windows for any gaps, cracks, and any other openings.
Keep bedding off of the floor and ensure the bed is far enough away from curtains, blinds, and other fabric to prevent spiders from climbing onto your bed.
Remove all clutter from underneath your bed, store clothing in bags, dust weekly, vacuum up any debris, and use household staples such as vinegar and dish soap to remove spiders.
Eat in designated dining areas and keep food out of the bedroom. Apply a layer of Vaseline around the legs of your bed and other furniture to stop spiders in their tracks.
Be mindful of using Vaseline if you have any pets or small children. While it’s considered nontoxic, it shouldn’t be ingested, so use double-sided tape instead.