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Wood Sheds Are Handy For Storage (But They Have A Few Drawbacks)
A backyard shed can provide you with extra storage space and keep gardening tools, firewood, or furniture safe from the elements. Wooden sheds are popular but have some drawbacks.
Compared with other materials, wooden sheds can be an easier material to work with and more aesthetically pleasing. Wood is pricey, but a DIY wood shed can save you money.
Wood is a durable, environmentally-friendly choice for any weather condition, and if it does sustain damage, it is easier to repair than other materials like metal or plastic.
However, wood must be consistently maintained to keep it long-lasting. You will need to paint it (and repaint it as needed), clean it often, and seal any cracks.
Wood is prone to rot if you let water sit in it too long, so you should tend to it after a big rainstorm. It also can attract pests like termites if it’s not properly cared for.
It can often cost more than other materials. Wood is about $2 per square foot more than metal, and a pre-built plastic shed will cost about half as much as a similar wooden shed.