A gloved hand planting onion bulbs
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You Don't Need A Green Thumb To Grow Onions From Old Sprouts
Store-bought onions that have begun to turn bad often end up in the garbage or compost pile; however, you can use the old sprouts to grow fresh onions.
Like garlic, onions are bulbs and reproduce by dividing into more bulbs. An over-ripe onion will begin to sprout greens from its top, indicating it's ready to divide.
Plant the sprouting onions in a container, leaving just the top of the onion and its greenery above the soil level. Onions are hardy plants and can tolerate extreme temperatures.
Whether growing onions from the grocery store or elsewhere, you always want to remove the flower bud so the plant will put all its energy into forming the bulb.
While it can take over four months for the new bulbs to form, caring for the growing vegetable is simple and can be an easy way to produce your own onions.