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You Won't Believe This Old Headboard Trick For Extra Shoe Storage
Thanks to TikTok user @gayleimp, you can learn how to repurpose an old headboard into a shoe rack. A sturdy wooden headboard is best so that the shelves can be securely installed.
Depending on its size, you can install several rows of shelves. As shown in the video, the bottom shelf can be propped up using cans of paint or other bulky items such as blocks.
Before you begin, deep clean your wooden headboard using mild dish soap and warm water. Then, source some wooden planks that are suitable in length for your headboard.
Consider the width of the shelves, and make sure they are wide enough to store your shoes comfortably. With a drill, some screws, and a level, the shelves can be installed quickly.
Give your shoe rack a decorative upgrade by painting the headboard and shelves. You can also line the shelves with an absorbent material to prevent surface damage.
Once you're happy with your creation, clear your beloved shoes from your closet and display them on your brand-new footwear holder.