Fire pit in backyard with outdoor furniture
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Your Backyard Fire Pit Could Be Attracting Unwanted Pests
Fire pits and the woodpiles near them can become a breeding ground for insects, rodents, and even termites, so you should take steps to deter these destructive wood-eating pests.
Never store your firewood indoors, and make sure to locate your fire pit and woodpile several yards away from your house to keep pests as far from your home as possible.
Instead of storing your firewood on the ground, raise it up on a platform and cover it with a tarp to allow sufficient airflow to keep the wood dry, as pests love rotting wood.
Remove sources of standing water, as mosquitoes lay their eggs in it. Rainwater can accumulate in your fire pit if it has a solid bottom, so cover it with a tarp when not in use.
After using your fire pit, always sweep or hose down any food residue so as to limit food and water sources available to pests, which will make your yard less appealing to them.