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Your IKEA Cabinet Needs This Inexpensive Window Pane Makeover
TikTok user @peonyandhoney converted IKEA's $219 white Billy Oxberg cabinet into a replica of a Crate and Barrel cabinet worth $1,799 in just a few simple steps.
When prepping for the project, remove the doors from the base and tape off the glass with masking tape and newspaper. Cover every inch of both doors to prevent staining the glass.
Once the doors are prepped, spray-paint them black, ensuring an even coat all over the surface. Spray paint another thin wood trim piece on a cardboard surface and let it dry.
Next, remove all the paper and cut the wood trim in equal parts to create a grid pattern on the cabinet doors. Measure out the wood before cutting with a hack saw.
After all your pieces are cut, glue them to the glass with Loctite glue. Finally, screw the doors back into place and admire your new cabinets.