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Your Pliers Might Have A Secret Feature. Here's How To Find It
While most pliers have a cutter built into the jaws that is better for thinner or soft copper wire, they also feature another built-in tool that is great for hard cutting.
Most pliers also include a joint cutter built into the pivot point where the two halves of the tool meet. This robust cutter can even cut through thick steel wires.
Joint cutters are so effective for two reasons. First, they are as close to the plier's fulcrum as possible, giving them the most leverage from the device.
Additionally, their cutting edges are almost perpendicular to the cable or wire to be cut, making them thicker and less prone to damage when cutting hard or thick materials.
Joint cutters are commonly found on linesman's pliers, combination pliers, and fencing pliers and may also be available on diagonal pliers and flat pliers.